MAYEAUX-verticalFounded in 2007, The Natural Gas Sampling Technology (NGSTech) Conference is the brainchild of Don Mayeaux.  As Founder of A+ Corporation, Don was known for his passion in science and developing new, game-changing technologies.  Perhaps he is best known in the industry for his development of the Genie Membrane Separator and the Genie Membrane Probe Regulator.  Don served on several national committees and was heavily involved in the writing of the standards that deal with the sampling of natural gas.  He also served for many years on the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) organizing committee.

Don conceived the idea of the NGSTech Conference by observing that no other industry conferences or industry schools specifically addressed the issues associated with the sampling of natural gas.  While sampling is a part of the curriculum at other schools and conferences, it is not the primary focus and, therefore, adequate attention is not given to this critically important subject.

The first three NGSTech Conferences were hosted and funded by A+ Corporation, but it was Don’s desire to pass the Conference over to the industry to carry on and support.  So, in 2013 NGSTech was incorporated as a Louisiana non-profit corporation with the primary objective to advance the science of extracting, conditioning, and transporting natural gas, natural gas liquids, and liquefied natural gas samples to laboratory and field analyzers.  NGS Tech is committed to sustaining this endeavor through Industry related exhibits, educational forums, and seminars provided at the Conference.   The biennial NGSTech Conference is one of Don’s legacies to the natural gas industry.

Unfortunately, he is not with us to see the fruits of his labor and the overwhelming support that the Conference has garnered in the industry, from industry personnel and vendors alike.  In February of 2010, Don was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and passed away in May of 2012 from complications from the disease.  He was an example to many through his courageous fight to the end.  Even facing a terminal illness, Don’s spirit remained strong and he faced each day, even his last day, with courage and grace and a smile on his face.  Although, his presence at the 2014 and all future NGSTech Conferences will be sorely missed, his passion and spirit will be forever personified.